Ep. 49: How to Change Your Thoughts So You Can Change Your Life

Today I talk about the time in my life when I decided to take responsibility for my life and my weight. I had to start really understanding WHY I was eating and really examining what benefits I found in overeating.

The brain seeks pleasure to avoid pain. The problem with this is that we EAT to avoid the pain in our life.

Why is THAT a problem?

Because food doesn't comfort you. There's no benefit to eating through pain. It's the habits that you create to avoid the pain that are the real painful part. And it's the extra weight that you carry around that causes the pain.

Then the realization hits. The way you are living is more painful then the pleasure you are finding in food.

Logan was a baby. When I took a good look at my life at 29, I realized that this was not what I wanted for him. I didn't want him to go through the depression and the bullying. I decided it was time to make my old lifestyle as painful and unappealing as possible.

So how do you do that?

You just start telling yourself the truth about what your eating is really doing to you. In the moment, it makes you forget – it gives you temporarily relief. But what it really does is give you shame, a bloated belly, and a body that hurts to move.

You have to quit making it seem like food is the answer or food is your best friend. It may be giving you temporary relief, but it's not doing anything for you long term.

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