Ep. 44: Is It Ok to Miss A Meal?

Missing a meal brings up the DRAMA!

“I am killing my metabolism.”

“I will overeat I am sure.”

Want to know what is funny? When we overeat snacks because “it's time” or “it's healthy” rarely do we think…

“I just slowed my metabolism by adding more weight to my body.”

“I just overate because the clock said so.”

“I can skip dinner since I ate when I really didn't need to.”

Missing a meal gives your body a chance to just eat up the stores we have been squirreling away like winter is coming!

I'm not saying you need to plan to miss meals but you don't have to think it's end times either. It's a meal. You missed it. You'll eat again. You won't die or get pregnant.

The BEST excuse I hear to overeat when it comes to missing meals is this one: “I can eat more at this meal because, after all, I did miss my last one.”

That's STILL OVEREATING. Your body, while you missed the meal, CONSUMED calories that is stored on your ASS. You can either take advantage of that or you can restore your butt to all its glory.

Me? I just practice eating reasonably every meal without regard to the previous meal or the next time I will get to eat. 13 years of 100lbs down, baby! All because I'm not overthinking eating.

Bottom line: your body taps into your fat stores when you don't feed it. So unless you haven't eaten in weeks, all you need to do is eat the regular amount, and only to satisfied, at your next meal.

You don't need any extra food or to catch up. That's what your brain will tell you, but don't listen!

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