February 2, 2018

Ep. 43: What to do AFTER You Overeat

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We would all be sitting around in skinny jeans and taking selfies if it wasn’t for overeating.

Yep, overweight comes down to one thing: we eat too much. 

A lot of diets focus just on preventing overeating by giving you a perfect plan, free foods, or calorie ranges.

A key and often overlooked piece of your longterm weightloss solution is figuring out what do you do AFTER you overeat. A plan is only going to work if you follow it. Free food works if you aren’t overeating them to begin with.

Most of us will NOT follow these plans with perfect execution. That’s when the real solutions to weight problems are solved…in the aftermath of our overeating habits.

Think about your last binge or just saying F-it…I’m all-in this carton of ice cream.

After you probably felt like crap physically and emotionally.

It didn’t just leave you with a full belly, it likely left you with a healthy amount of shame and regret. These feelings are intense and can lead to telling yourself how you’ll just never get this “under control.” You sit with all kind of crazy in your head that drives you to either quit losing weight or to just keep on eating!

I want you to do something radically different. Each overeat I want you to tell yourself I have a chance to find a real solution to my eating. Am I willing to take it?

If the answer is no then you need to ask why? That answer will tell you what keeps you from ever losing weight. Here’s a hint: you might be a perfectionist. 😉 That’s a whole other level of work to do before the rest of my message seems appealing.

If you answer yes then here’s what to do (and congratulations for setting aside feeling shitty to do something about this.)

First, it’s important to process the overeat immediately. Don’t wait around and decide to just “move on.” You can’t move on unless you figure out what’s causing you to overeat and come up with a game plan for next time.

Basically, without the processing you leave yourself moving on to the NEXT overeat.

When you process, think about what you were thinking and feeling before you ate? We all have just a few situations and feelings that tend to be our triggers. That’s good! Less stuff to figure out!

The most important part is figuring out the patterns AS FAST as you can after you overeat.

Do not pass go. Go immediately to your journal and write. Write like the wind!

Figuring out the trigger point of your overeats allows you to see what’s happening and come up with a plan to handle it the next time.

Give yourself the gift of deciding ahead of time how you are going to show up in life with all it’s problems in a way that doesn’t require overeating.

And that’s it. Rinse and repeat every time. Eventually you will have practiced a lot of strategies and you will see a dramatic reduction in overeating.

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