Ep. 18: Do You Have to be Selfish To Lose Weight?

Today we talk about feeling selfish.

So many of us think that the steps we are taking to lose weight take time away from what we “should be doing.”

We break it down into four areas:

  • What happens when those you love may not be on board?
  • How do you handle loved ones who are disappointed when we don't want to make the same unhealthy choices?
  • Is our new choices making others uncomfortable and should we care?
  • What to do with the fear of losing friends who don't share our new way of life?

We dive deep into how feeling selfish can be the first step to justify quitting especially if we are people pleasers.

We talk about how our thoughts around what we think others are thinking can derail our progress.

Sometimes just being authentic about our decisions and where we see our plans taking us is the best way to communicate.

Others can have their own thoughts about it and that's okay!

Remembering that, and that we're only responsible for ourselves, is the key to working through those times when we are feeling selfish.

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