Ep. 124: The Three Worst Pieces of Diet Advice

I’m on a rant.

What is with all the BS diet advice still going around?

I swear if there is ever an article written on the internet about weightloss it becomes legend and lore for years to come.

Here’s one piece of advice I wish would die.

You don’t need to eat all damn day to keep up your metabolism.

You DO need to quit eating like an asshole.

You DO need to cut out the eating when your body IS NOT HUNGRY.

My Granny (who my swearing ass mouth came from) worked a farm back in the day.

She had to roll up out of bed, help her mom feed 100 people a day, and do all this cooking on a wood burning stove while fetching water from a well.

Let me just tell you.

She didn’t eat first thing in the morning. She ate LAST. Like at 10am after the field workers ate because it was getting hot.

You WORKED from 5am until first meal so you wouldn’t sweat your ass off!

Nobody stood around saying they worried about their metabolism.

Guess what?

They were thin.

And guess what else they didn’t do.

They didn’t have a “snack” to power through the picking vegetables “project.” They had a job to do and it didn’t occur to them they needed food to “get through” or “perk” them up.

On today’s podcast, I tell you my opinion and what I think you should do with some of these things you read and hear about when it comes to losing weight.

Listen here. You. Are. Welcome.



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