Ep. 123: How To Stop Being Impatient With Weight loss

I always wanted to lose weight fast.

I had this idea that if I just lost my 100lbs., everything would change.

I’d be happier, sexier, make more money, find a man, and essentially every dream would come true.

The problem with my thinking was this. I set myself up to hate where I was and not like myself.

I constantly found problems with myself, thought about how miserable I was when I ate healthy, and dwelled on how wrong my life was.

I falsely accused my weight of being the perpetrator of my misery.

It was ME doing it. Me drumming up drama instead of just saying NO to being an asshole to myself.

I didn’t have to beat myself up because I weighed 250lbs. I easily could have simply said, “I refuse to keep thinking this.”

I didn’t have to hate eating healthy. I could have just thought, “This is my choice to lose weight and live longer.”

No one told me that weightloss would only change the number on the scale. I would have to be the one who changed my life and what I thought about it.

When I figured out that I needed to practice patience with myself and weightloss…everything changed.

Patience is not about waiting.

True patience is keeping a good attitude while you wait.

I learned how to do it and in today’s podcast, I share with three steps to go from frustratingly wanting it now to patiently getting to your goal.

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  1. Holly on August 23, 2019 at 12:55 PM

    Hi Corinne,
    I started listening to your podcasts the end of July when I swore off WW.. I was reading through a chain of comments on one of their fb posts and your podcast was highly recommended. Funny how life works! I am a professional Chef, a Mom, a wife , etc,etc. You Girl are the real deal! I laugh, cry and think a bit more deeply when I listen to you in regards to my weight journey. You are absolutely right I have fallen into the trap. That is the trap of not thinking of my journey for myself. There are a million reasons why I always thought I wanted to loose, but I have never oddly had myself on that list. I’ve scrapped all I’ve done in the past and put myself on the top of the list, this time it’s for me! Have fun in Vegas! Much love and respect from WI!

  2. **** on August 16, 2019 at 9:32 PM

    I just saw this. Perfect timing. I lost 85 pounds this year and just gained a bunch of it back. I was wondering what to do when I saw this. Gods timing couldn’t be more perfect. I just watched the first video, checked out the workbook and will try to stick with this.Yay.


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