Ep. 118: How to put together your vacation protocol

I vacation A LOT in the summer.

Chris and I are constantly recognized at the pool. We go so many times throughout the summer we are constantly asked if we’re locals.

Truth be told, the King kind of digs being the “pool celebrity.”

Lord y’all, the man has special pool “fashion” hats. I kid you not.

His pool attire game runs strong.

I’m actually resting bitch face especially after a face full of Botox. LOL

Nobody wants to talk to me. I’m good with it. I got YOU and I like it that way.

Because I travel so much for fun and for business, one of the most asked questions I get is…

How the hell do you travel so much and stay in control over food?

First, I’ve yet to go on a trip, be tied down and forced to eat.

I know right off the bat I ALWAYS HAVE CONTROL OVER MY FOOD.

I might not know where we will eat, when we will eat, who will serve what, or any other piece of information that involves food.

But, what I DO KNOW is that I will always be the person deciding if I eat like an asshole or not.

Nobody makes me, tempts me, or surprises me. That’s some bullshit thinking.

Look, there’s food on vacation. There’s your mouth. And, then there’s a decision to eat.

That’s it.

Everything else you think is simply the amount of dramatic thinking or simple decision making you are doing.

When I know I am the only one responsible for my choices THEN I feel way better when food is presented.

I’m not jacked up with anxiety or fear that I can’t control myself. I already know I’m in control and just have to make a decision.

In today’s podcast, Episode 118 How to Put Together Your Vacation Protocol, I go through the process I use to plan my vacation eating.

It’s very simple, doable, and easy to execute.

I know you’ll find it way easier than stressing about whether you are going to BLOW all your progress or LOSE control.

Trust me, vacations don’t have to be miserable and they certainly don’t have to be F’its that set you back.

There is a middle ground.

I’ll teach you all about it today.


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