Ep. 114 Weightloss Beliefs

Let me blow your mind.

Whatever you weigh today, the size clothes you wear, and that body image in your mind is a reflection of what you have been TELLING yourself the past 90 days.

I can lose my weight or it will be too hard.

I will figure this out or I will never figure this out.

I want to lose weight or I want to eat this right now.

We are simply where we are because of what we repeatedly tell ourselves each day.

When I lost 100 pounds I went from telling myself each day…

I will always be fat…


I am going to figure this out no matter what.

Whatever you decide to tell yourself each day for the next 90 days will create your weight, self-image, and clothes size.

Picture yourself in 90 days.

What do you see?

What do you want to see?

Now start thinking like the person who gets there.

Today’s podcast will help you start thinking BIGGER and BETTER than ever before.

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