Ep. 111 – Quit Saying It Doesn’t Matter (to lose weight)

Telling yourself after you overeat that “it doesn't matter” is a bunch of BS.

Let me ask you this.

Does it matter in the morning?

Does it matter when you weigh-in?

Does it matter when you get dressed and feel the pant-band tightening?

Does it matter when you get a physical and some of the numbers are high?

If I told you that I could wave a magic wand and you would be the size you want to be, feeling as energetic as you desire, or able to do all the things you want in the way you want…would it matter?

It feels harmless and unimportant, but it's not. The thought “it doesn't matter” is a ruse.

It’s softening the blow of your self-judgement, you aren’t good enough, or your fear you can never lose weight.

Here’s my challenge to you.

Every time you overeat decide it does matter and that the overeat isn’t proof of ANYTHING other than you need to figure out what’s going on.

Maybe you need a more realistic plan.

Maybe you have triggers you need to plan ahead for.

Who knows, but never allow yourself again to think breaking your word on what you say you will do (with food or anything) doesn’t matter.

Be brave enough to accept that it all matters and you are willing to figure it out.

The podcast dives deep into this concept. Ep. 111 will help you unravel this better. I hope it helps you start believing everything you do, even your mistakes, matter.


Because you will lose weight one day and it will be built on the back of mistakes you took the time to put importance on…not sweep under the rug.

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