May 10, 2019

Ep. 109: Weightloss Secret: Build Your Consistency Bone

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I want you to ask yourself some questions today.

How consistent was I in the last week…

Listening for hunger before I ate?

Paying attention to when I was nearing full?

Stopping eating because I chose to, not because I want to?

Looking for the good in my day?

Going to bed when I needed sleep?

Drinking my water?

When I work with women I can always tell who will lose weight and who won’t.

It’s not the ones who show up perfect when it’s easy. When things are perfect, I haven’t seen how committed they are. I’ve just seen them do what they are supposed to do without struggle.

BUT, the ones who consistently show up when it feels hard, keep going when they are less than perfect, and the ones who demand that no matter what they won’t quit…

That’s my girls.

They show me that it’s time to actually lose weight and deal with life.

Life doesn’t clear the path for you just because you want to lose weight. LOL.

Life says, you want to lose weight? Here’s some life. I’m giving you what you need, the good and the bad, so you can succeed.

They make a decision every day to keep going.

They look for ways to build their consistency bones by simply showing up for the next meal as if it was the first one, day one of weightloss.

Girls, you are either learning or succeeding…but you are never failing or quitting.

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Ready to lose weight for the last damn time?

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