Ep. 105: How to Find Confidence You Will Lose Weight

Do you ever lack confidence?

“I wonder if I should eat this.”

“I’m not sure if I am doing this right.”

“I wish I could tell people no instead of just eating what people offer me.”

Often our lack of confidence comes from a lack of SELF-confidence first.

Girl, they are different. The short explanation is this.

Self-confidence comes from a belief of…

“I am going to figure this out.”

This one power statement means you are up for the obstacles, challenges, mistakes, and re-dos. When you are figuring it out you know YOU will keep going.

We are all born self-confident. Unless you didn’t learn to walk you had it. Babies starting to walk don’t look around thinking, “I’m not sure I can do that. What if I fall? What if I try a few times and end up messing my diaper and laying on the couch the rest of my life.”

They watched, mimicked successful walkers, did it like a hot mess, fell, cried, but always got up until they were masters.

These days you need a foundation of RE-LEARNING your self-confidence to START your diet or KICKSTART your weightloss into high gear.

Self-confidence is what gets you going.

Confidence is the byproduct of all the times you fall down and get back up.

Understanding this might be a game changer in your weightloss.

Make sure you listen to Ep. 105: How to find confidence you will lose weight.


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