Ep. 104: How to Lose Weight FASTER

Have you ever thought, “I sure wish losing weight wasn’t so slow.”

You seem to be obsessed with everything about your weightloss.

What should I eat?

I wonder if this will help me lose or I will gain?

You start asking so many questions that you scroll on the Pins and keep Googling for the ONE thing you feel 100% this will work.

That’s exactly why your weightloss is slow or, hell, NOT EVEN HAPPENING.

You are searching for certainty instead of making a damn decision.

It’s common. Certainty is what people who are fearful of “being wrong” look for.

That’s not how I do it and it’s why I’ve lost 100lbs., and kept it off for over 14 years.

I never need certainty because I know that I need to DO a lot of things to find the ONE that will work.

Want to speed up your weightloss?

Want to quit anguishing over everything you eat?

Then listen to the podcast today.

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