Don’t Weigh In After Vacation!

While on vacation I held a Facebook Live getting REAL about things!

I rarely weigh in when I get home. It's always up for a variety of reasons.

  • New foods (like fries and wine this trip).
  • Water is low – retention.
  • Long car rides and airplanes cause bloat.

Basically, weighing in when you get home is weighing your bloat factor.

It also can screw up your mind if you aren't a mental ninja.

You think you have blown it, feel bad, and then just keep eating crap making things worse.

So, what should you do? 

Focus on what matters: What is my game plan WHEN I GET HOME?

My rule of thumb is to give myself the same number of days I was away before I weigh. Say you were gone for 11 days like I was. In 11 days I will weigh-in.

During that time I get FOCUSED on my real life and healthy habits. In the video I tell you my plan of attack when I get home.


I always hit the store even when I don't want to. Trust me. Yesterday I felt like ass and didn't want to! But I knew I would thank myself for going today.

Guess what? Today I was able to work and not “worry” with eating. I took all the temptations OUT.

I bought:

Salad bags
Pulled turkey in the deli
Hard boiled eggs
Sweet potatoes
Guacamole and Hummus packs
Snap peas
Fruit Cups and Berries
Cottage Cheese
Couple of prepared salads (full of other vegetables)
Heavy Whipping Cream
Cashew Milk for Shakeology

Done. Nothing has to be cooked, prepped or planned. I'm good to go until Sunday.

I went in with the mindset of what will help me de-bloat, feel healthy, and be EASY.

I'm sure you are like me. Work and laundry have a big calling card when you come home. I'm on the 6th load today.

My video has other tips. Enjoy and if you want more info just go to my blogs and click TRAVEL THIN! You'll see how I've rolled for the last 10 years. I've been to Vegas a lot. LOL.


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