February 27, 2020

Don’t Overcomplicate Weightloss [VIDEO]

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Simplify weightloss.
Don’t over complicate weightloss. Too many people try to get fancy and today we get back the basics. #ilost100lbs

Facebook Live: Don’t Over Complicate Weightloss 

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Corinne lost weight by not eating too much. There wasn’t a fancy diet or restriction, she just decided that she was going to make weightloss as simple as she could for herself.

If you create a diet with a ton of rules, you’re creating an environment where everything will suck for yourself.

Corinne doesn’t do meal plans or counting calories. It all comes down to how you’re thinking. That’s why Corinne developed the © No BS Weightloss System.

The only thing that can change when it comes down to weightloss is your willingness to care enough about what you put in your mouth and your willingness to not eat when you’re not hungry.

Corinne teaches her members that there are four simple basics. The times you aren’t sticking to the simple things, those are the areas that you need to be working on.

  1. You have to drink water every day. If you want to lose weight, you have to drink the water. You’ll have more sugar cravings, want to eat more, and have less energy if you’re dehydrated.
  2. You need to get 7-9 hours of sleep. If you’re not getting enough sleep at night, you’re more likely to make bad decisions when faced with your favorite foods.
  3. Write out what you’re going to eat for the day each morning (or the night before). Corinne’s members call it a 24 hour plan. It needs to meet you where you’re at, not where you’re going to be after losing 50 pounds. Make a plan that allows you to make some progress. You likely didn’t quit your last diet because you ate something. You quit because you had judgment about what you ate. Don’t judge what you put on your daily plan. Meet yourself where you’re at. You have to rewire how you speak to yourself. You have to learn to not be judgmental about your body or your food choices. Don’t sit around and think about what you can’t do, just decide to get it done.
  4. Only eat when you’re hungry. This is the most important of the steps. It doesn’t matter what you eat, you just have to wait till you’re actually hungry to eat. Most people aren’t waiting till they’re hungry. You’re eating by the clock. You’re eating because it was offered. You’re eating because you had a bad day. You’re finishing something when you’re full because it tastes good or you don’t want to throw it away. Am I eating when I’m actually hungry? If you’re not hungry, wait 10 minutes or until you actually are hungry. If it’s not hunger, is it emotional? If you’re eating because of emotions, be honest and say that’s what it is. Don’t lie to yourself and say that it’s out of hunger.


Corinne answered questions at the end of her Facebook Live. Make sure and check them out!

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