We all make choices. Each has a price. Some are felt today. Others are felt in a week when you get on the scale.

Your lifetime weightloss will come with at a price.

To lose weight you will have to sacrifice. You won't be able to keep doing what you do now to get what you don't have.

Your daily small eating habits matter. Most people won't value them near enough.

Those small actions are the ones that add up. They either add to your bottom line or slowly put you in the red.

Each decision, extra bite, or lap around the parking lot will matter. You might not feel it today but you won't be able to outrun those past choices.

The price today for slight discomfort is worth it. Otherwise, one day you pay the price of pain in the mirror at Lane Bryant, choosing your Mother of the Bride dress, or getting in the floor with your kids.

Weightloss is about the small moments of sacrifice. Those sneaky bites off the kids' plates, the afternoons you want to kill cookies because of a bad day, or the f-it glasses of wine on the weekend because you need to fit in.

It's not easy. Those moments are never easy to rise above but they are the ones that matter most.

See, what I know about weightloss is most of you are making tiny mistakes. It's OK. What you can do is just start becoming aware of the small moments where you take the easy way out for the hard road ahead.

Get to know the mistakes you regularly make. Ask yourself is this moment of easy worth what I feel tomorrow?

Be aware of your choices. Every day. Decide how you can begin to rise above them.

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  1. Sharyn Creek on June 18, 2018 at 3:54 PM

    LOVE this; thank you, Corinne!


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