Book Review: Finish by Jon Acuff

I read the book “Finish” by Jon Acuff and was just blown away.

Y'all know I read a lot. Not just to develop myself but also so I can teach you how to change more than your weight. I know weight comes off way easier when we get over our bull shit that causes us to eat!


I'm not joking. If you identify with those two words GET THE BOOK.

In total honesty, I listened to it on Audible first. Then loved it and ordered the hard copy so I could go through the book and highlight key points to teach my PNPTribe members.

What makes the book awesome?

Jon Acuff is hilarious and teaches profoundly. He weaves story with lessons and that, to me, is a true talent.

The book has a companion self-study guide. If you want to dig deep you can use that to self-develop. Girls, free education is what I am all about!

Super quick read. 190 pages of awesomeness.

A few key lessons I want you to know so you can decide if this is a good read for you.

Page 9

This is the first lie that perfectionism tells you about goals: Quit if it isn't perfect.

The genius in this first lie is subtle. It's not “when” it isn't perfect, because that hints at the reality that it won't be. No, perfectionism tells you “if” it isn't perfect, as if you have the chance to run the whole rack and go to the grave with a 100 percent on your tombstone.

Page 43

If someone gets mad at you for saying no, they just confirmed you were supposed to say no in the first place.

Page 75

We all have two distractions as to why we quit or procrastinate: Hiding places and Noble Obstacles.

A hiding place is an activity you focus on instead of your goal (overeating instead of organizing that calendar full of people-pleasing).

A noble obstacle is a virtuous-sounding reason (or lie) for not working toward a finish.

My example for PNPTribe, “I can't leave a little food on my plate each day until I know the real reason why I am overeating.”

Both hiding places and noble obstacles are toxic to getting things done.

Page 126

Perfectionism hates data. Why? Because emotions lie and and data doesn't.

That's all data is. A gift from yesterday that you receive today to make tomorrow better.

If you listen to my podcast you know I am HUGE on looking at your past and turning it into data to lose weight.

Enjoy the book if you pick it up. I'd love to hear what you think.

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  1. Heather on May 9, 2018 at 4:16 PM

    I agree, this book is fantastic. Even if you are not a perfectionist, if you have weight to lose this book will offer you tons of insight. If you cannot do it perfectly, you quit and don’t do it at all. SO many times, I told myself, why exercise if I am not eating healthy or why bother if I know I will never be successful! This book is also available as an audible book so you can listen while walking or exercise or just spending quality YOU time. My goal is to reprogram my “infected” brain and with your podcasts and books like these, I am just 18 months away from strong and healthy! Thank you so much for restoring my HOPE and FAITH – that there is still a chance at a good life for me.


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