September 13, 2017

How To Believe You Can Lose Weight

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If you are like me you want to feel good.

When I weighed 250lbs I felt like shit.

Like ALL the time.

I wanted to be thin so bad yet I was never pulling the trigger to do it.

I’d ask myself  every single day why I couldn’t lose weight. It finally dawned on me that I just didn’t believe I could. I kept thinking about how losing 100lbs was just “so much weight to lose and would take for freaking ever.”

There was this point where I knew there had to be a way to lose weight. I mean, hell, other people can do it.

The only thing in my way was my daily shitty ass questions and putting my focus in the wrong places.

I had it wrong for years. I was so focused on finding the right program, the right diet, and finding every thing WRONG with me.

I didn’t focus on what I needed to do THAT DAY to lose weight.

Here’s what I know.

What stands in your way might be what was standing in my way.

It’s where you put your focus.

If you are looking at your past and beating yourself up daily over it (the last overeat, the last time you were thin but regained your weight) you are NOT focused on what you CAN do today. You just think about what you did and why you aren’t there now.

Not helpful! How does that help at all? It doesn’t and yet we do it. It’s like we have a false sense that we are “doing something” when in reality we aren’t doing jack shit.

Sometimes we spend so much time focused on how much work is to be done that we do NONE of it.

There is a lot of work to losing weight. The problem is you want to know all of it now and that’s just not possible. It’s not even required.

To build your belief that you CAN lose weight is really quite simple.

You have to start doing things NOW without the belief you will get there.

You have to believe one thing: You will figure out today.

And tomorrow? You will figure it out tomorrow.

We can all do that. It’s really easy if you think about it. Each day has it’s own unique things that will happen. Focus on how to show up for each day.

Over the 18 months it took me to lose weight I did a lot of things I didn’t believe I could until I did them. After a few times of blowing my mind, my ability to believe in myself strengthened.

But without being willing to feel scared and to take risks I wouldn’t have had a chance. That I had to embrace as the hard part of weightloss.

My best advice is to make a list of all the things you tell yourself now that take you off your day to day focus. What is the crazy, mean, and unproductive shit you say to yourself? Write it down.

Next, come up with something you can believe that feels better. Maybe it’s my favorite of I’ll figure it out. Or, you can even just hold onto the thought I only have to believe I can do the next best thing.

Get focused on today. Write down the things you can start telling yourself. And, as a bonus, ask yourself, “If I believed this statement what things would I do today to make it true?”

Boom. You have a list of things you can do today to lose weight and feel good.

This Facebook Live was great. I talked about this and more. Enjoy.

Listen in iTunes: [FB Live 9.16.2017]


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