Acting “As If” You are Going to Lose All of Your Weight.

My mentors often talk about “acting as if.”

“Acting as if” is when you pretend to be the person you want to be. I do it all the time.

There are days I wake up and I don’t want to exercise.

Sometimes wine for dinner sounds better than a salad.

Even though I have lost 100lbs., it doesn’t mean I am someone with all my motivational and mental shit together. Sometimes I don’t want to do shit that’s hard. And there are a lot of times I don’t do the hard shit.

I want to tell you this because your social media feed makes it look “as if” everyone is slaying it with a smile on their face while you are just trying to stay off the struggle bus to eat a salad.

But here’s a secret I want you to have…When my thoughts are telling me I’m tired, my body is a mess after losing this weight, or that I can’t handle one more thing and need wine…I act as if it’s no big deal.

It’s no big deal to think crappy thoughts. Sure, it’s great to work on your self-talk but you don’t need perfect inner dialogue to keep showing up for yourself.

Half the time I talk so great to myself and it motivates me. Half the time I talk like shit to myself but don’t get upset by it. I’d love to tell you that fat girl thinking goes away. No. It’s always there for me and might before you.

The difference is, I don’t get worked about it anymore.

I act as if it’s never going away and life can go on.

I act as if it’s a part of the deal of being Corinne and keep doing good things for myself.

And, since I’m being SUPER honest…I also screw up a lot. There are days I skip workouts, overeat, and have the wine unplanned. I am NOT perfect and never want you to think I am. 

If you believe I am perfect then you’ll believe you have to be, too, to lose all of your weight.

No, my friend. You get to be imperfect and lose your weight and think crappy things about yourself. Just like me.

When I eat all the nachos and drink the extra wine…
I act as if it’s a lesson to be learned.

I act as if it’s just me being someone who makes mistakes and moves on.

Let me ask you this. Are you willing to act as if you can lose all of your weight for good?

What if each day you acted as if…

  • You were never giving up on yourself?
  • Nothing is so bad you can’t learn from it?
  • It wasn’t as hard as you tell yourself it is to lose weight?

Losing weight is all about the mindset you are willing to adopt. I know this because I had to change my mindset before I could lose weight. I had to quit thinking my negative self-talk was true.

It was just sentences in my head.

Today, where are you going to act as if? What are you no longer going to believe?

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