November 5, 2019

Why Counting Calories Sucks [VIDEO]

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Counting calories sucks. In this video, I go over it PLUS teach you how to commit to your diet.

It teaches you to ignore the signals of your body. You develop a distrustful relationship with food and yourself. You teach yourself that an app knows more than your own bodily systems.

Your body: I’m hungry.

You should eat.

Your body: I’m not hungry.

You shouldn’t eat.

That’s weight loss. You don’t need math and apps to do that.

The problem counting calories creates is you often will eat when you aren’t hungry because you HAVE calories.

Guess what? If you aren’t hungry, at THAT MOMENT you are overeating.

Then, you don’t eat when you ARE hungry because you RAN OUT of calories.

Guess what? At that moment your body could use fuel to possibly burn more fat!

The answer to losing weight is simple. You eat when your body tells you to and you stop when it says I’ve had enough.

If that’s the ONLY time you eat…weight problem solved.

If you eat outside of that then THAT’S what you have to work on!

Calorie counting doesn’t teach you how to quit eating after a bad day when you are tempted with sweets in the office, or at the last minute invited to a party.

Counting calories will never solve those things. That’s why I don’t teach it.

If you want to learn a better way make sure you have taken my free weight loss course.

Show Notes.

3 Keys to Start Losing Weight*

Over 300,000 people have taken the free course at

So many women have lost weight from doing the free course and listing to Corinne’s podcast “Losing 100 Pounds with Corinne Crabtree.” A new podcast episode comes out each Friday. On Saturday, the podcast is a replay of the Wednesday Facebook Lives. Corinne also has a private member tribe that will be opening membership on December 22nd.

Today Corinne is going to talk about the three things that made the biggest difference when she decided to lose weight.  She was at least 250 before she lost weight.  She suffered from depression.  When she wrote the free course she wanted to create a program that would help women that were in a similar situation.

The free course does not teach you what to eat.  It teaches you how to feel good enough to keep moving forward every day.  You have to know how to be there for yourself so that you can keep evolving into a person who takes care of themselves in a different way than food.  Who loves themselves enough to not overeat.

#1 Figure It Out:  The initial decision – Corinne used to think “it’s hard for me to lose weight.  I can’t do it.”  She wanted to lose weight but thought she couldn’t and would set herself up for failure. That thought was not helping her.  It made her feel helpless.  She couldn’t keep thinking that way if she wanted to lose weight.  Instead, she told herself “I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I’m going to figure it out.” There was no quitting anymore. Even if she made a mistake, she reminded herself that she was going to figure it out.

#2 It Has To Be Doable: Corinne had to figure out what she was going to do each day and it was going to be a little better than the day before.  Nothing drastic, no restriction.  If it didn’t feel doable, it wasn’t going to get done.  She had to notice when she was judging herself with thoughts like “this isn’t good enough, it won’t get me there fast enough.”  Those thoughts weren’t useful.  The free course teaches you how to plan your day.  Eventually, your body will adapt and you’ll have to change things up.  During the stalls, Corinne told herself “Be patient.  You’re doing amazing things.  Is it time to change something?”  It’s not about searching for a cleanse or a new diet, but continuing to say “I can figure it out.”

#3 Assess: Look at the previous day and ask yourself “did I do what I said I would do? What am I willing to do today?” Grade yourself without degrading yourself.  If I overate yesterday, why did I do it? What is this trying to tell you? Be willing to look at it if you want to continue to make progress.

Those three things will result in changes.  You have to keep believing in yourself.

Questions & Answers

Q. Tips for someone working the night shift. It’s tough.

A.  Don’t tell yourself “it’s tough” just think that your schedule is flopped. The thought feels like bullshit and makes you look for ways that it’s hard.  Night shift is not the problem, you eating when you’re not hungry is. There are tribe members that work the night shift that have successfully lost weight. You need to plan better, stop eating because you’re tired, and do the things you need to do to feel better.

Q. Is it okay to drink flavored water to get through the witching hour?

A. It’s fine.  Staying hydrated is always good.  Corinne doesn’t have opinions either way on fake sugars.

Q. I’ve been white-knuckling this week.  Does this happen occasionally or do I need a thought shift?

A. White-knuckling (sitting with urges) is wanting ice cream and thinking that there are people that can lose weight and eat ice cream and it’s so unfair.  You argue with yourself.  Your brain likes to think that sitting through an urge will take forever, but it will probably only be 2-3 minutes.  With urges, you’ll want them really bad for a couple of minutes then you’ll recover.  Eventually urges aren’t so bad and not a big deal.

Q.Once you see what is causing the wine several nights a week, what then?

A. Start making plans.  Have a day where you don’t drink and you watch your brain and see what it has to say.  It will be loud, but listen to it.  Don’t judge your thoughts.  It will be easier to hear what is going on in your brain when you’re not buzzed.  If you’re disconnected, ask yourself what you can do to feel more connected.  Do you need a break?

Q. How do I get over the guilt of thinking about myself after years of taking care of everyone else?

A. Start thinking about yourself, feel the guilt, and notice that no one died because of it.  You’re not taking away from other people by taking care of yourself. You just do it.  No one really gives a shit.  You’re taking care of people because you’re trying to control other people’s feelings and don’t want them to get their feelings hurt.  Don’t be resentful about taking care of other people when you’re only doing it because you don’t want to risk them not liking you.  True unconditional love is doing something for someone, not caring if they notice, and it wouldn’t matter.  We think “doing things because we don’t want to feel bad if they get mad” is caring for others.  That’s not caring for others, it’s not even caring for yourself.  It’s a web in inner deceit.

Q. What can I do when I wake up in the middle of the night and head to the fridge?  It just happens.

A.  There are alarms you can put on fridges.  They are loud and rude.

Q.  When I plan a candy or chips as a snack, I can’t stop at one portion and fall into storm eating.

A.  You can’t fall into storm eating.  It’s a choice to keep putting your hand in the bag.  Don’t stop scheduling those things.  Portion out your snack.  Put the chips away.  If you want more, you have to fill out a recovery sheet before you can eat more.

Q. What advice do you give to binge eaters?

A. The first step is don’t judge yourself so you can see your patterns.  If you’re sabotaging yourself, you need to ask yourself why.  Why am I choosing to eat?  What story you telling yourself about your binge eating?  Once you figure it out, you have to redefine it.  You can’t judge that it’s a bad thing.  If it’s just something I do, what do I want to do about it?  Approach it from a place of compassion.

Q. When you’re invited to dinner and not hungry, what do you do?

A. Don’t eat.  Enjoy the company.  Don’t eat if you’re not hungry.  That’s normal.  Just because people are eating doesn’t mean you have to as well.  Don’t eat to make other people feel comfortable, that will make you uncomfortable in your clothes.

Q. What’s the difference between a realistic plan and a restrictive plan?

A. A realistic plan gets you started with following through to committing to yourself.  Restrictive plans have low success rates.  Realistic plans help you to slowly take steps forward.  You want to figure out how to stay thin while you’re losing (realistic plan) instead of figuring out afterward (restrictive plan).  You need to work on your thinking as you lose so that maintenance isn’t a big deal.

Q. Are equal swap-outs on the plan okay?

A. It’s fine as long as it’s equal.

Q.  If you join the tribe are you able to do the work if you’re not able to be on the live broadcasts?

A. Yes.  Over 90% of the tribe has never watched a live broadcast or attended live.  They are available as a private member podcast and most listen to them later on.  A lot of people stress that if they can’t do all the things, they won’t do any of the things.  They sit there thinking about how to get motivated to do something.  QUIT WAITING TO GET MOTIVATED.  QUIT WAITING TO BE EXCITED.  QUIT WAITING FOR THE PERFECT TIME.  JUST DO SOMETHING.

Q. How do you join the tribe?

A. Get on Corinne’s email list at by taking the free course.  You’ll get some emails, some videos, and a workbook.  It’s a taste of what being in the tribe is like.  Starting November 11th, there will be a motivation email every Monday that goes out.  When the tribe opens on December 29th you’ll get an email notifying you.  She’ll be open Sunday the 29th through Saturday the 4th.  She won’t be open again till spring.

Q. Do you have advice for realizing you’re satisfied before you get full?

A. Eat with your non-dominate hand and listen.  Slow down.  You might sigh.  It always seems too soon and there might be a little sadness.  It’s okay because you’ll get to eat again at your next meal.

Q. Not a binger, but struggling to sit with hunger.  Does it get easier the more you work on it?

A. Yes.  It could take a few months.  Be compassionate with yourself.  If it seems to be mentally exhausting to wait for hunger, maybe only try it Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at first.

Q. How do you plan if you travel 5 days a week and don’t know what food options you’ll have?

A.  There’s a couple of podcasts that touch on travel.  Make sure and subscribe to Losing 100 Pounds with Corinne Crabtree.  The holiday travel episode aired on November 1st

Q. When I binge, I don’t enjoy the food I’m eating.  I just shove it in.  When I lose some weight and go for a while without binging when I do try them the foods taste so good.  It scares me because I like the taste of food so much.

A. We all like the taste of food.  That’s the point of having a tongue.  You have a thought that you like it too much, that’s the problem.  You’re scared of food.  The food isn’t causing the binge, something else is.

Q.  What is a good starting point for journaling or thought downloads?

A. Corinne has several podcasts that discuss this as well.  Episode 51 is on thought downloads.  

Q. If I did one thing to get started, where should I begin?

A. The things discussed at the beginning of this FB Live.  Take the free course.  How you think about weight loss is a decision you’re making.  You’ll either decide you’ll figure it out or you’ll decide it’s hard.  After that, you have to be committed to your realistic plan for the day.  You are not broken.  You have to learn to think in a way that takes you to your future.  Think more, search for diets less.  Don’t beat yourself up.  make a plan that meets you where you’re at.

Take the free course at  The opening is December 29th-January 4th. Free training will go out to email subscribers on December 22nd.



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