January 17, 2018

3 Steps to Weightloss

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Today I am giving you three easy tips to lose weight. Lately, in the podcast and my Live trainings, all I’ve talked about is BASICS. They are the BASIS of my program The No BS Weightloss System.

You HAVE to do the easy stuff if you want to get your weight off.

Trust me, let go of the belief losing weight is a miserable, complicated process.

Think about it.

If losing weight must be miserable then why would you say no to a doughnut when you are tired and want a break? If it must be confusing you’ll ANGUISH if you should have some ranch dressing on a salad.

I definitely did not weigh 250lbs because of my horrible addiction to salads with ranch dressing.

The only time ranch dressing was an issue was when it was a sidecar to my medium pizza!

Let’s just do the basics and keep it simple. The more you bring yourself off the Keto ledge, step away from the Weight Watcher points calculator and move towards these steps you’ll feel at ease.

Here we go!

Tip One: Eat and Mean It.

Don’t rush through your meals. Eat with your non-dominant hand. The point is to give your brain time to be focused on the food and not hating when it’s over.

Also, quit eating while you watch TV, eating while cooking dinner as if you will die in the next 20 minutes without nibbling, surfing the net in case something changed before you left work, and eating in the car.

Most of the time all of this eating is terrible for you.

It’s either overeating or so distracting that you set yourself to eat more than you needed to lose weight.

Tip Two: Stop Eating When You Aren’t Hungry.

Losing weight requires you to be HUNGRY. Not hangry. Let’s do some mild hunger like the good Lord intended.

Hunger is normal. It’s OK and you won’t die if your tummy growls a hot second. Your body NEEDS to feel some hunger at times just to be healthy!

Start noticing your physical hunger cues. Does your belly gurgle, are you yawning, is your mouth watering, etc.?

When the cues start…eat. If you aren’t sure you are hungry…guess what? You can wait a few more minutes and re-evaluate. If only a bag of Doritos sounds good, you ain’t hungry.

Tip Three: You Aren’t a Gas Tank. Don’t Top Off.

Most of us eat to FULL. Then we top off the tank because we can’t stand to leave a few bites behind. You want to eat until satisfied. Satisfied for weight loss is just enough food to give you energy, knock off the hunger, and keep going.

It OFTEN means you don’t clean your plate. Just saying.

Get used to it. That takes practice. It won’t be easy but it’s doable. When it feels hard just remember so is pulling up a pair of pants that don’t fit.


My free course has even more EASY keys to losing weight the PNP way, for good!


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