155. The Five W’s of Weightloss

I spent years losing weight, gaining weight, then talking terribly to myself.

The more shit talk I piled on myself, the more I ate.

I don’t want you to stay stuck in this cycle for years and years like I did.

The trick is simple.

Learn how to ask GOOD questions of yourself versus F-IT questions.

What do I mean?

Ever thought, “Why do I do this to myself?”

That’s an F-it question.

I’m guessing the answers to your F-it questions are along the lines of…

“Because I’ll never be able to lose weight.”

“Because I’m too lazy.”

And other thoughts that keep you stuck eating from feeling hopeless.

Today in the podcast I’m giving you 5 questions that take you from struggling with weight to solving your weight issues.

Don’t miss this one.




Podcast 155. The Five W’s of Weightloss

Corinne is going to offer you up five different “W” questions that you can ask yourself at any point in your weightloss journey.

After every 20 pounds lost, it’s important to ask yourself these questions to make sure your brain is aligned with your goal. It’s so important to know what’s going on in your brain while you are losing weight.

You have to ask yourself good quality questions.


#1. Who is waiting on me? Do you have children, parents, a spouse, a friend that sees you as an amazing person and wishes that you saw yourself as an amazing person as well? How long are you going to make those people wait on you to start showing up for you and your health? The people in your life want to see you happy and participating in life.


#2. What do I want to do to lose weight? Most people are so desperate to lose weight that they throw under the bus how they actually want to live their lives. They don’t realize they can lose weight in a way they can live the rest of their lives. Losing weight can be an enjoyable process.


#3. When is the best time to start? This is a trick question. Right now is the best time to start. Don’t wait. There is not a perfect time to start. There is food and there is your mouth and the only thing in between them is your decisions. Decide “am I eating this or not” and “how much of it am I eating?” There is no perfect scenario. Am I doing or am I waiting?


#4. Where am I getting advice? Do you respect the people that you’re listening to? Choose the advice that comes from people that you respect. Don’t get weightloss advice from a magazine article. Corinne is currently reading “Chasing Cupcakes” and loving the mindset advice in it. If you’re getting advice from a girlfriend that tries a new diet every Monday, you may want to question whether that’s where you want to get advice from.


#5. What am I willing to give up? The answer is not a food group. Are you willing to give up evening eating that you’re doing only because you’re tired? Are you willing to give up beating yourself up after a binge? Are you willing to give up blaming people in your life for why you’re overeating? Are you willing to give up groaning every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror? Are you willing to give up eating something you don’t want because someone else wants you to? Don’t put layers of unnecessary suffering on yourself.


Write your answers out to these questions. Read your answers, if you don’t like them, change them to what you would like and start living like that.






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