March 27, 2020

154. Do These Things To Lose Weight During Covid-19

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I’m on a mission to make sure all of my listeners come out of this experience having no trouble buttoning their pants in 6 weeks.  

None of us planned for all of this.


So many of us are…

Not used to this much alone time. 

Not used to this much time with our kids and partners.

Not used to working around the clock (front line…I see you.)

Not used to everything changing what seems like hourly.


And, how are too many of us dealing with it?

Standing in the pantry eating.

Sitting on the couch snacking while we watch the news.

Being home with your fridge while you work, keeping an eye on your kids, while you deal with uncertainty…

It’s a SKILL.

It’s kinda how I’ve been rolling for years. 

I know how to plan the day, manage my time and manage my mouth. 


On this week’s podcast, I’m sharing my very best strategies to stay organized, get shit done and come out either losing a pant size or being able to fit into the clothes sitting in your closet right now. 


Want to stay sane through Covid-19?  Stick with me.

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Podcast 154. Do These Things to Lose Weight During Covid-19

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Corinne believes in physical distancing, not social distancing. You can still maintain a strong social group even when physically apart from others. Her No BS community has proven how close you can remain even when apart. She has created a ton of new content over the last two weeks for her private members.

If we ever were confused that we are a species that likes certainty, this is the time where that is more apparent than ever. This is the time to build in some routine to get a little certainty back. 

Many of Corinne’s members started to fall apart with time management once they had to start staying home. She created a time blocking program for them right away. She’s always helped her members not to be dramatic about time, but now she’s given them tools to help them to organize their days.

A lot of people seem stuck right now. They’re scrolling on their phones sitting on the couch in their pajamas. They have a list in their heads of what they should be doing, get overwhelmed, and do nothing.


When it comes to time blocking:

1. Make a list of all the things you need to get done today. Not what you should get done, but what actually needs to get done. This isn’t an “if I was perfect” list.

2. Prioritize the top 3 items on your list.

3. Put at least one of them on the calendar. Block some time that is purposeful that you will take some action in. Don’t change your mind. Once it’s on the calendar, you’re going to learn to keep the commitment to yourself, just like you do when you plan your food.


Once you get good every day at showing up for something, you’ll start to crave more order and plan more things into your day that you’ll commit to. When you finish your items, you’ll have a sense of accomplishment. If you catch yourself saying, “that’s not good enough” remind yourself that is a lie that you’re telling yourself and what’s not good enough is wearing your pajamas, sitting on the couch scrolling Facebook.


Working out at home is another big issue that came up for Corinne’s members. She has quite a few members that workout at gyms or in group classes. They are now having to motivate themselves to workout at home. Corinne posted a bunch of her old workout videos from five years ago for her members that they can do at home.


This is a good opportunity for you to take some walks outside and to start a small exercise routine. If you are interested in exercising (not for weightloss, but to fall in love with it), start waking up and doing 10-15 minutes of movement. You don’t have your commute as an excuse, so you can use your drive time as move time. There are a ton of free exercise programs available free online right now.


If you’re having a hard time, this proves to you that your commute and your job were never the problem. The problem is your thoughts about exercise. This is a good opportunity to redefine your relationship with exercise and to pick a form of movement that is enjoyable. You may realize you like line dancing or hip hop yoga. There are so many different options available.


Corinne has a friend name Rachel Hart that has a great podcast. Her podcast is about over drinking. It’s called “Take a Break with Rachel Hart.” Her episode on “Information Overload” is really good. Right now you have to limit your exposure to how much you’re taking in. Even Corinne has been struggling with all the doom and gloom coming in. She’s had to turn a lot of it off, so that she didn’t have to spend as much of her time working on her thoughts around it. You don’t have to stay uneducated, but you can limit your exposure. You get to decide how much you take in.


Another good podcast that Corinne recommends is “The Life Coach School Podcast by Brooke Castillo.” She has two good series going on right now called “Handling Chaos” and “Moving Forward.” Brooke talks about a concept called equal air time. People are getting so sucked into the worst possible outcomes and they aren’t taking time to think about what the best possible outcomes might be. If you’re going to go into the future, tell a good story. This will give you a break from your own emotional suffering.


If you’re scared, don’t just try to think better things. Give your brain the gift of writing down what you’re afraid of. If it’s just bouncing around in your head, you’re likely to eat because you’re scared or afraid.


You need to be compassionate with yourself about your thoughts and realize it’s normal to be scared. This won’t come easily because people around you will be having a shit show. Give yourself some time each day to take a break from all the drama and think nice things and practice some gratitude.


Corinne has created a place where her members can come in and say they’re terrified right now and she can help them to work through their thoughts about it.


Within the group it has been amazing to see how many people have reached out to help each other. There have been members that have lost jobs and others have helped them to find jobs or volunteered to pay their membership fees for a month.


It’s common in situations like this to feel alone, but it’s important to take a look around your circle and see who might be able to help you. Don’t trap yourself into thinking you’re alone. Don’t believe that. Look around you. Who can help you?


Corinne did a special call for teachers the other day because so many were worried about teaching online. Corinne pulled together a resource for them on how to use Zoom and host calls.


When you’re overwhelmed, it’s hard to raise your hand for help. It seems easier to throw your hands up in frustration. When Corinne looks around, she is seeing a lot of people helping people. Be brave enough to raise your hand and ask for help.


Ask yourself who you want to be 6-8 weeks from now. What is going to help you navigate through this? This time is showing us more than ever the power of our brains.


You have to be careful to watch how you handle what behaviors are routine in your life when the outside world changes or when your circumstances change. This doesn’t mean that your routine has to change unless you choose to change it. The coronavirus doesn’t change your routine, instead remember that you are choosing to respond like a boss to the coronavirus.

Membership is open now through April 3rd. Make sure to get signed up! There is a lot of exciting things coming soon for members.




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