February 22, 2020

150. Advice From Members Who Have Lost 100 Pounds

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As you know, I lost 100 lbs. 15 years ago.

Since then, I’ve made it my life’s mission to teach every woman who wants to lose weight, how to lose it for good.

What I did to lose my weight was simple:

I made a realistic daily plan, stopped talking to myself like an asshole all day, and consistently made small changes to what I ate when I felt ready.

Those three steps worked for me and 1000’s of my clients.

The steps are not sexy or fancy.

They hold no promise of FAST results in 30 days. They don’t even come in a pretty box shipped to you weekly.

That would be all that other bullshit out there being sold to you on the regular.

Here’s what I want you to buy.

I want you to buy into the IDEA that you can change. You can lose your weight.

I asked 5 of my clients who all lost 100 lbs. to share with you what REALLY worked for them. You’ll hear all about it on this week’s podcast.

It doesn’t matter if you want to lose 20 pounds or 200 pounds.

You won’t want to miss this one.


Podcast 150. Advice From Members Who Have Lost 100 Pounds 

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This episode is a gift from some of Corinne’s members to her podcast listeners. She asked her members that have lost 100 pounds what their top advice would be. Kathy collected it, and Corinne is hearing it for the first time while recording.

1. From Maria – I need this program. Not just for weightloss, but for my mental and emotional health. I achieved peace of mind that I didn’t know was possible for me. I changed from an anxious worrier, to someone who is calm, decisive, and confident every single day. The weightloss is the bonus. I thought after having Graves disease, after having reconstructive foot surgery and being in menopause, it would be too hard for me to lose weight. I trusted Corinne and worked the program exactly how she suggested. She had faith in me before I had faith in myself. I followed the directions and got to goal and beyond and became the very best version of me.

Corinne doesn’t care what diet you do. She wants you to learn to pick a way to lose weight that you’re going to love, cherish, and know it’s the best gift you can give yourself. Corinne appreciates that Maria trusts that Corinne was right that you get to like your food and that whatever diagnosis you’ve had, you don’t have to use it as an excuse. Quit using things as an excuse. When you start trusting the process and set aside fear, you’ll make progress. You can feel better today, just by thinking better.

2. From Gale – I started walking at 61 when I could barely walk a quarter of a mile. I was borderline diabetic and had developed high blood pressure. I knew my retirement years wouldn’t be ideal health-wise and that I needed to get to get my health and weight under control. Here I am 62 years old, walking a minimum of 5-7 miles a day, lost 104 pounds, and am no longer on high blood pressure meds and I’m now enjoying a healthy retirement lifestyle. The podcasts, courses, and team are revolutionary. Corinne approaches weightloss by focusing on mindset and teaches accountability skills to weightloss success.

It’s not too fucking late. Period. Gale is in her 60’s and she lost weight and is thriving. When it comes down to it, if you’re not hungry, food is not going to solve whatever problem you have no matter your age. When you are eating, pause part of the way in and ask yourself “have I had enough” and decide whether your body is saying you’re done or your brain is saying keep eating. That advice works at every age. Decide now how you want to spend the rest of your life. No matter what age you are, don’t be so quick to give up hope on yourself.

3. From Natasha – I’ve learned that mistakes are not failures. They point you in the right direction and show you what’s most important to work on. I’ve learned that the process of learning to love myself along the way makes it a whole lot easier to lose weight and keep it off. I’ve also learned that finding a solid accountability group that is willing to call you out when you’re BS’ing yourself will keep you going. I was 200 lbs at 5 feet tall when I was 11 years old. I spent my teenage years miserable, thinking my weight was what kept me from happiness. I was depressed and would eat through my feelings on a never-ending cycle. I think that’s probably true of a lot of women who struggled with their weight, but now at my 155 lbs goal weight, I’m the smallest I’ve been as an adult. It’s a whole new world to navigate.

We always think our weight is what makes us miserable, but it is us not willing to work on it that is actually making us miserable. Corinne teaches her members to learn to love the process. What if you could enjoy losing weight? What if you could create this amazing version of yourself? What do you see for your future? You can do this in a way that feels really good. You can learn to have food and not overeat it in order to enjoy it. You can learn to include foods and not be scared that we won’t be able to lose weight having them. You can learn to have a bad day and learn to love yourself enough to not eat your way through it. Decide that you’re done and want to do something better.

4. From Jill – I learned that I wasn’t broken, the only thing wrong was my thinking. I had to start owning my choices and think differently about myself and food. I was 53, 400 lbs, type 2 diabetic, low thyroid, uterine cancer, and had a deformity in my right food. I thought weightloss was impossible. I had to stop being a victim and start believing that I could make changes one choice at a time. I have lost my weight and gotten rid of my diabetes because I made the choice to not believe that I was broken anymore.

You don’t have to tell yourself a hopeless story everyday. There are a thousand things you could tell yourself and hopeless, miserable, and never going to be able to do it, is one version. Create short-term beliefs that you can build on “I can walk today” “I can eat ice cream out of a bowl instead of the carton today” “I can tell myself something nice about me today.” Those short-term beliefs can slowly build to create long-term beliefs. When you show up a little bit at a time, those little lights inside of you (that have been turned off for far too long) start flickering and coming on. What’s not good enough is thinking like an asshole all of the time. What’s not good enough is staying stuck eating like an asshole all of the time. What’s not good enough is overeating because you think you’re a broken piece of shit. Acting like an ass to yourself is no longer tolerable. You are the only one that can control that. If you think shit, throw it out. You have to believe in you because you can’t count on the world to do it for you. You have to have your own back.

5. From Gina – I learned that it’s okay if weightloss is slow. I removed all judgement around weightloss and I don’t depend on the scale for emotional gratification. I always think the number is interesting and it is happening the way it is supposed to. I lost 100 lbs and took the drama out of the scale.

Losing weight may not be fast. If you lose it in a way that you love, then it will be easier to keep it off. You’ll lose weight faster when you’re thinking about “what is fun about losing weight tomorrow” “what is going to be easy for weightloss tomorrow.” It took Corinne 18 months to lose 100 lbs and 18 months for Kathy to lose 80 lbs. They didn’t get upset about how long it was taking because they were so impressed with the changes they were making. Time is going to pass either way. It can pass in a way that feels good or it can pass in a way that feels terrible.

You don’t have to do this overnight, but you can get there, just take the drama out of it! Decide you want to be somebody else and get to work on it. 

Corinne’s next membership opening will be from April 1st-3rd. Sign-up for her free weightloss course at www.pnp411.com to get on her email list to get notified when membership is open. She’ll offer a couple of trainings the week of the opening, so make sure you’re on her email list to get access to the trainings. It’s a shorter opening this time and you don’t want to miss it! 






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