February 7, 2020

148. How Watching Your Thoughts Affects Your Weightloss

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Ever notice how crappy thoughts lead to crappy eating?

I HATE my job.

The hell if I’m gonna take THAT.

F-this. F-that. I’m eating.

We’re ordering pizza for dinner.

It can happen that fast. You go from hating your job to chilling with a thick crust and all the meat.

You know what happens when we think this shit all day long?

We feel like shit all day long.

Since feeling like shit SUCKS we decide pizza is the obvious solution.

Can you imagine if a 3-year old came home and said, “I hate daycare. I’m done with Sally and her gloating that she’s potty trained before me. Let’s order a pizza.”

Sounds ridiculous but that’s what we do. We look for the quickest way to avoid the feelings instead of figuring out how to feel and think better for ourselves.

I know you can stop using food to feel better because I’ve done it myself.

In today’s podcast, we’re talking all about how to deal with crappy thoughts,

so we can quit eating over what we think.

There is another way.

I call it my Shitty Diaper Bucket solution.

I want you to stop eating because you feel like shit.

This will help. I promise.

This podcast episode was inspired by one of my clients, who shared her genius solution to her shitty thoughts.

Don’t miss it.



Podcast 148. How Watching Your Thoughts Affects Your Weightloss

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Shout out to Sarah Gross (from the tribe) who has worked so hard on herself. She’s one of the younger members of PNP. Sarah quit smoking and lost 100 pounds. She’s become a runner and is working on a lot of personal goals.

We need more women to know that we aren’t defined by what we weigh and what we eat and we don’t need food to cope.

Corinne loves that the younger tribe members are wanting to invest in a program that helps them to improve their lives instead of spending all of their money going out. She also loves the older tribe members that continue to want to improve themselves and realize that it’s never too late.

If you want to recondition your eating habits, you can. Your brain is wired to do it. Corinne can show you how.

Corinne and her mom were talking recently. Her mom had never listened to her podcast. Her mom is now helping with customer service stuff at PNP. Her mom started listening to some of the podcasts and told Corinne, “you’re really good at that, you just make sense!” Then she went on to say that when she listens to Corinne talk about how easy weightloss can be, she wishes that they would have had someone like Corinne when Corinne was little so that she wouldn’t have had her weight struggles and been bullied. She mentioned that maybe she, herself, wouldn’t have struggled with weight her whole life. Corinne reminded her mom that it’s not too late. She told her mom to not wish that it was different because:

1. It’s a waste of time.

2. Everything Corinne does now, wouldn’t have been possible without her weight struggles when she was younger. Corinne would go through it all over again because it’s been worth it. Corinne gets to change people’s lives and that’s why she would do it again.

You have to quit bashing your past and own it and accept it or you have to just drop it. Either figure out why it had to be that way or let it go and move on. How much more of your life are you going to waste dwelling and regretting it? Your past no longer gets to be your scapegoat. If you’re not willing to do either of those things, then keep living a shitty life. It’s your choice.

If you like where you are, appreciate the moments that got you here. If you don’t like where you are, you have a choice to make a change.

Today we’re talking about a concept called the shitty diaper bucket. It is similar to Episode 65 that talks about the worry bucket. Kathy used to call Corinne from work and tell Corinne all of her worries. Every time that they would talk, Kathy would be going on about all of her worries. One day, Corinne was done with Kathy’s worries and told her that every time Kathy wanted to worry, she had to put it in her worry bucket and move on. At the end of the day when driving home, she could stew and worry and feel bad, but only had the time while driving to worry. She had to let it go once she was home. Eventually, by the time it was time to worry, she didn’t want to worry anymore.

We tend to do pointless worrying and pointless thinking and feel bad all the time. Corinne said that if we’re going to do it, let’s do it.

When Corinne was coaching someone, her tribe member said that she was having a shitty diaper day. She asked Corinne what she should do. Corinne said that if you legit don’t like your job, then do your work, collect your money, and go home. Don’t sit there hating all over it all day. Don’t go home in the evening and eat over it. Corinne told her to draw a picture of a bucket full of diapers in it and anytime the member was worked up about something, she needed to write it down on the bucket and then stop thinking about it. Once she got home, she was allowed to think all the bad things she wanted, but not until then.

How do I quit thinking crappy thoughts about my job? Just do your job. Live your life. Don’t waste energy thinking crap when thinking crap is optional. Realize that you are working yourself up, the job isn’t doing it. You are driving yourself to McDonald’s, the job isn’t doing it.

Every thought that you have that is negative or makes you feel bad, put it in your shitty diaper bucket to think about at a designated time. Odds are, you won’t want to think about it during that designated time. Even if you do want to do it, just do it for a small time period. During the day when those crappy thoughts come up, just remind yourself “I’m not going to think about that now, it’s time to get back to work.”

When you’re eating and dog-piling your thoughts, you’ll eventually realize that you’re really just avoiding working. If you’re going to be there, just get your job done. When you get home, decide if you want to keep the bucket or do you want to throw it away and realize that you’re better than this.

Look at what you’re thinking and question what is real and what is just you whining. If it’s you whining, then let those thoughts go. If it’s actual issues, then figure out if there are ways to fix it. If you aren’t willing to try to fix it, then quit having the shitty thoughts about it and get back to work.

Kathy coached someone who was complaining about her husband. Kathy asked her if she talked to her husband about her issues and she said no. Kathy asked her how he’s supposed to know that something is bothering her if she doesn’t tell him.

Quit expecting people to know shit. Never expect anyone to read your mind. When you catch yourself saying “they should know this,” you have to stop and realize that not everyone knows it because you wouldn’t be bitching about it if they knew it. You need to speak up and tell people what you want.

If you’re drinking because you had a bad day at the office, then you need to make a shitty diaper bucket and either have uncomfortable conversations to fix the problems or let them go. You have to quit thinking those thoughts and eating over them if you’re not going to try to solve the problem with the person you have an issue with. Either solve it with the person or solve the problem in your brain.

There is power in belonging to a community of women that is working on up-leveling their thinking. In the tribe, we do something called on the clock with our eating. If you want something particular to eat, you wait a certain amount of time before eating it to see if you really do want it.

Sarah, the tribe member mentioned above, does on the clock with her crappy thoughts. When she catches herself having crappy thoughts, she tells herself that she’ll think that in an hour, but for now she’s going to get back to work. At the end of the hour, she looks at the thought and asks herself if there’s anything better that she can think, would it make her feel better, and how would she show up. She pauses when she feels bad instead of spiraling out and gives herself some time to decide what she wants to think on purpose that will make her feel better.

Give yourself some space so that you can decide how you want to show up for yourself. We have to start learning how to give ourselves pauses in our thinking instead of reacting by eating.

There is so much eating that we can clean-up that is bullshit, while still getting to eat what you love. You can eat those things on purpose and enjoy them, you just have to plan them. You have to take ownership of your mind and your life.

The community within PNP is so important because the members come up with some amazing gems sometimes.






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