December 27, 2019

142. Everything You Need To Know To Lose Weight In 2020

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Listen up girls.

What I’m sharing today is not what you’ll be hearing from other people. It’s not a food plan, it’s not a diet. It’s my signature weightloss program. Below are the TEN lessons I teach in my PNPTribe. We’re also talking through each lesson in today’s podcast.

I’m sharing this for those of you who are done with the BULLSHIT.

If you’re ready to figure out your weightloss for the very last time, stick with me. I’ve been doing this for 15 years since I lost my own weight and kept it off. I have dedicated my life since then to helping women learn this stuff.

If you’re struggling right now, I want you to know I see you. I’ve been there and it is my life’s mission to make sure every woman has the support she needs to lose weight.

Here we are at the end of the year AGAIN. And before you go googling diet plans, magic pills, easy weightloss tips and all the bullshit that’s in your face, consider these lessons below. I have already helped millions of women lose their weight. You are no different from any of us.

Here’s a birds-eye view of everything I teach in Tribe:

Lesson #1: Commit. I don’t care how you lose weight, you gotta start with commitment. Guaranteed, you’ll have shit days. If you’re not committed before that happens, you’re basically f’ed. Commit today so you can use your motivation when you’re at a loss.

Lesson #2: Plan. You did this in my 7 day program. Planning is key and kicks in when you’re having a bad day or in a stressful situation. Get clear on your plan, make it simple and remember your WHY. Do this daily and you’ll be miles ahead of the game.

Lesson #3: Remember the Four Basics. Once you’ve got your plan, just stick to these four basic things:

Eat when you’re hungry

Stop when you’re satisfied

Drink water

Get sleep

Lesson #4: Prepare for old B.S. I don’t teach diets. But, when you’re starting to lose weight, old diet shit is bound to kick up. This is an important time to acknowledge the rules you’re hanging onto, figure out which you want to get rid of and move on.

Lesson #5: Deal with Mistakes. You’ll make mistakes. You’re human. Mistakes point out broken processes, not a broken person. Learn to tell the difference.

Lesson #6: Deal with Weekends. There is a way to plan fun for weekends that doesn’t screw you out of all the progress you’ve made all week. We’re not white knuckling weightloss here. We’re living lives.

Lesson #7: Think Thin. Most of us know how to think like a fat girl, but we have to work to think like a thin person. We have to start to accept ourselves for being human and realizing we are lovable and deserving like everyone else. It doesn’t matter how much we weigh or how much we lose. What matters are our thoughts about it.

Lesson #8: Journal. Journaling has been a game changer for me. And no, it doesn’t have to be painful and boring. I make it quick and easy. Think of your brain like a cluttered closet. Go into that closet, clear out the clutter and organize the stuff you want to keep.

Lesson #9: Handle Overeats. Once you learn why you overeat, you can start to see that it’s not such a big deal. It’s not an excuse to beat the crap out of yourself, it’s an opportunity to learn how to problem solve.

Lesson #10: Losing the Last 20 and Maintaining for Life. That last 20 pounds doesn’t have to be a struggle. By the time you get there, you’ve learned most of the skills you’ll use for life. You won’t stay at your goal weight forever, but you’ll learn what your range will be and how to stay in it.

I’m not saying you can’t lose weight any other way. But, for most of you, even if you are able to lose weight with a magic green juice, boring as fuck meal plan or whatever you might find on Pinterest, you’ll gain it right back if you don’t learn how to change the way you think.

We’re chatting about each lesson on the podcast today. In PNPTribe, we dive deep into the ten lessons listed above. I teach you how to have a better relationship with yourself. And how to clear the clutter of shit in your mind. The weightloss you see on the outside? Well that’s just the cherry on top.

Doors open in two days. Join us.

Show Notes Episode 142: Everything You Need To Know To Lose Weight in 2020

Corinne has lost 100 pounds. She’s spent the last 15 years losing her own weight or working with other women to lose their own weight. She’s spent a lot of time studying and learning about weightloss. Once she lost weight, she felt amazing and realized that she wanted to help other women to feel that way as well.

When she was losing weight, she stopped thinking terribly about herself all of the time. That thinking is what caused her to be overweight in the first place.

Kathy met Corinne 7 years ago when Corinne was a keynote speaker with a priest at an event. Kathy realized that day that another life might be possible. In 18 months, she lost 80 pounds. She ran two half marathons and began believing in herself. Government accountant to weightloss coach and podcast co-host.

Step #1: Commitment

You have to be willing to get back up when things don’t go right. You’re going to be excited and do the things, then a day in your life will come that not everything goes as planned. You brain will say “see this is why you’re overweight.” That’s the day commitment has to click in so that you don’t quit.

Commitment isn’t about showing up when it’s all going right. That’s the easy part. Commitment is when motivation goes away, the excitement dies down, and the problems start arising. Committed people look for solutions and remind themselves that they don’t quit anymore.

Step #2: Planning

You have to show up for a 24 hour plan every single day. When you have weight to lose, you have to write down what you’re going to eat ahead of time, so that when you’re having a bad day, you’re not having to make food decisions while in stressful situations.

Write your reason why you want to lose weight every single day. It can change everyday. Corinne’s reason that day was to have popping shoulders and Kathy’s was to look good in her pants.

Write what you plan to eat. Ask yourself “how can I make weightloss easy today?” You don’t have to do extreme things and white knuckle to lose weight.

Write down your goal every single day so that you won’t forget it.

Step #3: The Four Basics

Make a plan everyday.

Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied or right before full. The two biggest reasons that people overeat: I want it and it tastes good. You have to learn to sit with your want (when you feel like you really want something).

Drink your water.

Get your sleep.

Step #4: Be prepared for old diet rules to pop up

When you are trying to lose weight, you have to figure out what rules you’re still hanging on to and whether or not you want to get rid of them. You want to lose weight the way you want to live the rest of your life.

Corinne has a mentor that has lost 50 pounds and she planned chocolate cake every single day and developed a relationship with it that allowed her to have just a little each day instead of going face first into it.

Step #5: Dealing with mistakes

You have to understand that when mistakes happen, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you, but with your current process.

The last time you overate, did you blame the program or did you blame yourself?

Step #6: Dealing with weekends

In the tribe, Corinne teaches how to handle weekends. They don’t have to be super restrictive. You can plan a weekend that is fun, that doesn’t undo all of the progress you made during the week. Weekends are 30% of your overall weightloss.

Step #7: How to think thin

Most people know how to think like an overweight person, but have to do work to start thinking like a thin person. If you don’t like you, it’s hard to believe that anyone else would like you as well. You have to start understanding when you don’t have your own back or brain.

Many people love themselves but have negative thoughts around food. You have to learn to let the negativity go otherwise it will hold you back.

Step #8: Journaling

It has been a game changer for Corinne when it comes to her weightloss, her relationship with her son, and other aspects of her life.

You brain is like a closet. Sometimes it’s a bit of a mess. When you journal, it’s like going in and cleaning out some of the mess and organizing it. “I don’t think that thought fits me anymore, I should get rid of it.” Journaling allows you to tidy things up.

Don’t be scared of journaling. It should be a process that you love that is effective and fast.

Step #9: How to handle overeats

You need to know why you overate and realize it is not a big deal. You have to release judgement and stop beating yourself up. When you can do that, you can turn your problem solving skills on.

In the tribe, Corinne teaches why you have food urges and strategies for dealing with them when they come. Urges are normal. What’s not normal is thinking that urges have to go away in order to lose weight.

Step #10: 20 to life(time)

Corinne has created a maintenance program for her members because she’s had so many that have lost all of their weight. This is the program that she has been living and thinking about for 15 years. She’ll teach her members how to lose the last 20 pounds and how to keep all of the weight off.

She helps women to figure out their maintenance range. Most people don’t understand how the scale works. Instead of having just a set weight, you need a range to account for the daily ups and downs on the scale.

She also has a course on loose skin and how to deal with the thoughts around it. Most people aren’t going to look the way they want to look naked after they lose weight.

Corinne’s course for her tribe teaches them to believe in themselves and to know that they have their own back. Her © No B.S. Weightloss Course has changed so many women’s lives and she recently updated it. It will help so many women to create amazing lives in 2020.

The tribe opens on December 29th and closes on January 4th. Go to and you can sign up. She only opens a couple of times each year. The first 60 days of the year, she’s going to have little videos each day that will motivate her members and help them to focus on their goal.




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