December 20, 2019

141: What I Learned About Weight Loss this Year

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Your Past is Your Teacher, Not Your Fortune Teller

Everyone will sit around looking back at all the failed diets, declaring on January 1st it all changes. You are fixing to hear everyone start talking about resolutions and promising to cut the carbs, hit the gym, and finally get their shit together.  

Here’s the problem.

If this worked it would have worked LAST YEAR.

People typically wait until January 1st to start any type of weightloss effort. They start strong and then get off track, quit, and wait another year to get started. The cycle of beat-myself-up-for-my-failures then find-crazy-diet-with-crazy-girlfriend then go-balls-to-the-wall then run-out-of-steam-the-first-night-Margaritas-are-half-off? No. It doesn’t work. You know this already. I’m just reminding you because I want this year to be different for you. Wanna know what’s more productive than making a bunch of bullshit promises you know you’ll never keep?

Learn from your past weightloss attempts. 

The fastest way to lose weight is to look at the past for what works and what doesn’t work for you. In other words: Learning from past diets is the most productive and easiest way to make 2020 the year you finally start losing your weight for good.

Wanna know how this works?  We go deep into the BEST way to use the lessons from the past year to help you lose your weight this year. Make sure you listen to the podcast this week.

What Have You Learned About Weightloss That You Can Use ?

People don’t spend enough time thinking about what is going right in their life and thinking about short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals. If you aren’t spending time thinking about this, then you are likely just looking at how life is going wrong and how you’re not getting what you want. If you’re just focusing on what is going on, it makes you afraid to dream.

If you don’t like yourself, achieving something isn’t going to make you like yourself. You practicing how to find the good in you is how you eventually like you. Once you like yourself, it’s so much easier to achieve things in life.

It takes effort to look at what is going right. It is worth it to write down every single day five things that went right that day.

How do you go through the process of what worked and what didn’t?

Did you meet your weightloss goal this year? Yes or no? Why? Did your brain go to “I failed” or did it start listing the reasons why? Before you figure out anything about the past year, you need to come up with 5 things that went right this last year. You can add “I found this podcast” to your list!

A lot of times when listing why someone didn’t lose their weight this year, they’ll say…

  • “I’m out of control.”
  • “I’m a failure.”
  • “I can’t get my shit together.”
  • “I’m too broken.”
  • “There’s no hope for me.”
  • “I’ll never get this.”

There is a difference between a process problem and a “me” problem. If you make it about a deficiency in yourself, you’re never going to solve your problems.

I do this with my life and my business. It is really easy to get consumed with all the things I’m not doing or what is wrong, so I have to make an effort to look at what is going right.

I want you to be able to look at 2019 and whether you hit your goal or missed it, I want you to look at the processes that you did. The moment you understand that you hit a goal is because you’re doing or not doing, then all you have to fix is the doing.

If you think you’re broken or a loser or never going to get it, then you need to work on your self-worth, self-regard, and inner talk. If your self-worth is broken, no amount of diets you buy will work if you think you’re broken. If you believe you’re broken, you won’t see any of the actions you did or didn’t do because your whole focus is on yourself.

Do you remember your goal? If you don’t, then you need to write down your goal every single day this year, so that it is on your mind every single day.

1.) Write down the 5 things that went right in 2019 (or the past year)

Look at your progress. Just because you didn’t hit goal, if you still made progress, that’s still a win! Focus on the things you’re doing because that will show how you’re thinking about yourself.

It may not mean weightloss. Maybe you listened to podcasts or read some books. Maybe you changed some of your eating patterns. Maybe you binged less in the last year. Spend more time figuring out how you’re winning.

I spend a lot of time looking at my life and appreciating it. When you sit around and look at all the things you love in your life, you often don’t realize it’s because you created it. When you think of something you love about your life, follow it up with “and I created this.”

2.) Where did you want to be on December 31st?

If you don’t remember where you wanted to be, then you need to make an effort to write down your goals daily. When things are going wrong, that’s when you need to remind yourself of your goals, otherwise you might be in even a worse situation a year from now.

3.) Where are you now?

Write in a non-judgmental way about where you are now. I weigh this. I eat this.

This doesn’t just have to be about weightloss. You can apply this to money, to your job, to your relationships.

4.) Why are you here?

Create a list with two columns.

  • The first column is all the things that went right that got you here.
    • For all the reasons going right, list out the actions that you’re doing that make it true.
  • The second column is the reasons things didn’t go right.
    • For all the things not going right, list out the actions needed to make it go right.

When you see these actions, ask yourself “what are three things that I can do to get this done?” Don’t sit around saying “I don’t know what to do” instead put your brain to work at what three things you can do to get closer to your goals.

For example, if you’re wanting to join the No B.S. Weightloss Program when it opens next, what are three things you need to do?

1. If you haven’t taken the free course, you need to sign up! You’ll get my videos, kickstart guide, and weekly motivation to keep going this year.

2. You need to save money, it is $59 to join.

3. Listen to the podcast so that you’re up to speed on what I teach.


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