#1 Excuse in weightloss? I’ve failed so many times…

I weighed 210lbs. in the 8th grade.

I struggled with bullies in school.

For years I started crazy diets only to end up overeating to feel better. I wanted relief from the constant thought that I could never lose weight.

I remember clearly thinking I had failed so many times that the next diet would be no different. Yet, I would sign up again.

Y'all ask me what was different when I finally lost my weight.

What was so different the day I cried to Chris saying, “I have no idea what I'm changing but I know I will figure it out.”

One simple thought change made all the difference. I quit looking back at my failures and looked ahead. What will I change to day? What am I willing to do today? What can I do the rest of my life?

The lie I told myself was I couldn't handle failing. I handled failure just fine. All those broken diets didn't break me.

They also haven't broken you.

They've proved you want this and that the only way to succeed is to keep taking steps forward.

Most of the shit we tell ourselves are lies.

We can't handle failure? LOL If you are reading this I'm betting you have a long list of things that haven't worked and yet here you are. Handling your life.

There's nothing wrong with you if you haven't succeeded, yet.

Keep going.

if you ate a doughnut this morning then you just move onto the next decision.

What if this week you practice making each misstep a lesson instead of a failure?

I was overweight. I failed all kinds of diets. I lost my weight. Why? So I could show you it can be done.

I want you to borrow my thought when I was at one of the lowest points in my life.

“I have no idea what I'm changing but I know I will figure it out.”

Every time you think you are failing use it.



  1. Fen on July 16, 2018 at 10:49 AM


    I’m new to PNP but have been working on losing weight for a while. I’m on your email list and am working on my planning and calendar, etc.

    One of the things I’ve been having happen (and have had happen before) is getting these weird, CRAZY strong urges to overeat. They seem random, and they don’t happen all the time. They can happen when I’m happy and distracted and not hungry. They hit and they feel like my brain is in a thick fog and my body feels squeezed and almost in pain. If I last through it (usually takes 20+ minutes), it comes back in 5-10 minutes, sometimes for hours. It’s distracting enough that I wouldn’t trust myself to drive when it happens (that’s how bad it is).

    Eating crap food doesn’t stop the current wave of it that I’m in, but it does stop the ones that come afterward if I don’t eat. It’s definitely not hunger, but eating mostly crap does stop it. It’s never one specific food that I want.

    It also happens even when my 24 hour plan is set and going really well. I’m not undereating, I’m eating what I planned, and it can still hit at random times.

    I want to figure out what’s causing these urges so that I can name them even if I can’t fix them. Naming things helps me deal with them even if there’s not a ‘cure.’ Because right now I feel very confused and a little worried because I rarely manage to not eat during them – they feel all-encompassing, as I mentioned.

    They’re different than regular food cravings (which I definitely get and which the plan helps with a lot – they’re challenging but nothing like what I’m describing here).

    Any help or insight would be so appreciated.

    • Corinne Crabtree on July 16, 2018 at 12:06 PM

      These are just cravings and urges and the only way to stop them is to quit responding to them. That’s the simplest explanation I can go into. The more you cut out emotional eating the louder urges get because they need a stronger voice. The only reason it seems worse is because you aren’t automatically going with them. Hope that helps!


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