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About the Challenge

You can start my FREE Take Control of Food Challenge the moment you enter your email.

If you feel like ...

  • you're having a hard time saying no to your favorite foods
  • you need a jumpstart to get back on track, or
  • you need daily motivation so you can stay on track and out of the pantry,

Then it's time to commit to try or add something NEW into your weightloss toolkit.

The key to commitment is to start small.

When I lost 100 pounds, I didn’t need magic, pills, unicorns, or even a guru. I needed to find something I would do to lose weight TODAY and then keep doing it.

And luckily for you, My FREE Take Control of Food Challenge explains exactly how I did it all.

When you register, you'll get...


Quick, On-Demand Video Lessons

Quick, daily On-Demand Videos filled with simple steps to make eating for weightloss easy. I'll teach you when, what and how much to eat. 


Detailed E-Book & Worksheets

The printable Take Control Challenge Guide that lays out exactly what to do (plus a simple daily food planning page that takes away the stress of wondering what to eat each day).

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Private Challenge Website

A dedicated challenge website for all your videos and challenge guide in one place. You can watch and learn when it FITS YOUR LIFE (because if your weightloss program doesn't fit your life, it's a waste of your precious time).

I don't do challenges often. So don't miss out on your chance to...

  • Kickstart your weightloss,
  • Become the boss of foods you love,
  • Tell those BS diets that leave you stuck and feeling like you can't lose weight to KISS YOUR ASS, and
  • Learn how to eat better, think better, and feel better around food AND your body.

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