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What's New Inside No BS

  • The Regain Solution Workshop
  • Big Ass Action Self-Paced Course
  • Monthly 20-to Lifetime (Maintenance) Coaching Calls
  • Fillable Digital Planner & Worksheets
  • Live Call Transcripts
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • New Subgroups: Mindful Drinking, 20 to Lifetime (Maintenance), Digital Divas, Looking Fab at Any Size

Coming Soon In 2022

  • Relationships Weekend Event (March)
  • Trust Your Body Course with Guest Coach Jane Pilger (April)
  • Busting Stalls & Plateaus Self-Paced Workshop (May)
  • Don't Stop Beliving Race Event: Virtual & In-Person (June)
  • Conquering The Scale Mindset
  • Maintenance Course