The No BS Weightloss Program gives you a simple way to lose weight that works anytime, anywhere and at any stage of life.

I'm down 14 lbs in the first month

I didn’t have to count calories, carbs, macros, points… stress free weightloss with positive mindset shifts and coaching?! Yes please!

Woman on a couch crying next to a scale

diets don't work because they don't teach you

You deserve to feel in control around food

it’s possible to:

Hi, I’m Corinne
and i thought i'd never
stop overeating

As someone who weighed over 250lbs, I know what it’s like to be stuck in the endless cycle of:

I refused to do another hard-ass diet, so I started my own plan – The No BS Weightloss Program.

I lost 100lbs and have taught over 1 million women how to lose weight in a simple way – The No BS way.

No BS Makes Weightloss Easy

Start Today with Simple Ways to Lose Weight

You’ll watch snackable weightloss videos with simple actions you can take TODAY to lose weight and start feeling back in control of food.

Get Personalized Support

Our team of weightloss coaches will be a lifeline you can reach out while we figure out why you're overeating.

Celebrate Every Pound Lost

Wear the sizes you’ve always dreamed of. Fit comfortably in any chair. Play with your kids and grandkids with ease. Tuck that shirt in. Cinch that belt! Say goodbye to the plus size department.


My commonsense, easy-to-use lessons

I show you how to lose weight anywhere, anytime and at any stage of life.

Food Planner

Our food planner helps you stay focused and on track with your goals for the day. Print it out or use it on your phone or tablet.

Group Weightloss Coaching

Get real-time access to expert weightloss coaches who tell you exactly what to do.
Get your specific questions answered or just listen and learn - it’s up to you.

Personalized Support

Our weightloss coaches are just a click away. Submit your question and one of our trained weightloss coaches will personally answer.


Find your people inside the private, member-only Facebook group. Find new ideas, meal inspiration and endless motivation from women just like you.

Motivation at Your Fingertips

We record all your content so it's ready
for you to listen to anytime. Listen from your computer or use our Private Member Podcast while you’re on the go.

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What You’ll Get

Your Limited Time Bonus

When you join now, I’ll email you a No BS Favorite eBook, “50 Ways To Lose Weight Without Counting A Damn Calorie.”

I want things to be easy when you first start the No BS Weightloss Program. No more going hungry or starving just to lose weight.

In 50 Ways to Lose Weight…you’ll see how many simple, barely noticeable ways you can eat a little less, lose weight, and feel momentum the first week you join.

50 ways to lose weight without counting a damn calorie.
One month in and 9 lbs. down! This community keeps me going.


Total loss for the month – 9 pounds! I feel my life changing and it’s far beyond the weight.


It's never too late to lose weight

It's never too late to lose weight

— 75 LBS at 56 years old

Amy had battled with her weight and food since she was 18. But joining No BS changed everything. At 56, she’s 75lbs lighter and wearing a size 10 after decades of being a 16.

Frequently asked questions

You may be eligible to use your FSA/HSA dollars for the No BS Weightloss Program. Check out this page for step-by-step instructions.

The podcast is a great resource, but it was made one episode at a time over many years. It’s like a bunch of advice columns on a million different topics, and they aren’t in any particular order. Plus, when you listen to a podcast, you can’t ask questions, get feedback on what you’re trying, or get help if you’re stuck.

The No BS Weightloss Program not only has teaching and resources that aren’t on the podcast, but it is also organized and easy to follow. The courses are put together to focus on weightloss with our best ideas and ways to lose weight for good. In the No BS Weightloss Program, we’ve got everything you need, including content not on the podcast, and it’s perfectly organized for fast, maximum change. Plus, you have access to coaching support to keep you losing weight and motivated!

Of course! I have members all over the world. The nice thing about being online is that it connects us. You just need the internet. Our calls are hosted on different days and times to accommodate all types of time zones.

The fees for No BS Weightloss are in US dollars.

Absolutely. My program is about losing mental weight too.

Many people lose their weight but still struggle with disliking their body, trying to lose 10lbs or fear regaining weight back. We help with all of that.

Yes. You’ll learn how to feel hopeful, focused, and in control regardless of your physical conditions. That allows you to stay consistent with following your body’s natural cues long enough to see results.

Of course! People who have special eating lifestyles love No BS because I teach you how to listen to your bodies natural hunger signals to work in conjunction with weightloss surgery or medications. I also work with No BS Women on the “this isn’t fair” thoughts that come with special dietary needs. We also have a special interest group on Facebook for our members specifically for these things.


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Tried Everything to Lose Weight? I Did Too!

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