a 12-Week Plan that changes everything

2024 No Bs weightloss workshop

December 30 9 AM – 1:30 PM CST

New Year’s Diets Don’t Work

43% of dieters will quit by the end of January because…

This is why diets fail us — they’re just too darn hard to live with. You’re missing your favorite foods and always feeling hungry. That’s no way to live. I’ve helped 1000’s of people lose weight without starving or unrealistic plans. In this workshop, we’ll ditch those impossible diets and focus on real-life, doable changes. You’ll learn how to lose weight without losing your mind or your favorite meals. It’s all about making it easy, not hard.

A woman drinking from a bottle in front of a kitchen full of food.
Step one

Your 12-Week Goal and Vision

Time to craft your personal success story. This isn’t just picking a goal weight; it’s about setting a vision for your life where you feel as good as you look. We’ll map out a 12-week goal that gets you excited, not freaked out.

Step two

Building Your 12-Week Plan

Time to build a plan that’s as real as your life. Forget about those one-size-fits-all diets. Here, you’ll learn to make choices that fit you, not the other way around. We’re talking small, doable changes that quickly add up on the scale. This plan will help you lose weight even when you’re busy, tired, or facing unexpected challenges.

Step three

Preparing for WeightLoss

Set the stage for success. We’ll tweak your home and habits to make weightloss feel effortless. I’ll show you how to successfully set up your kitchen, home and daily routines so that they make things easy instead of eating landmines. It’s like giving your environment a makeover that brings out the best in you.

Step four

Overcoming Common Weightloss Blocks

This is your strategy session for when things get tough. You’ll know how to keep your cool when cravings hit, what to do if you’re stressed and want to eat, and how to get on track if you mess up. It’s all about learning how to pick yourself up with confidence and keeping the momentum going, no matter what.

Your Plan for 2024 Weightloss

For just $59, you get the workshop, 12-week planning guide, lifetime replays, and 1-month of No BS Weightloss Membership.

I guide you step-by-step to build your 12-week weightloss plan.

Watch the pounds drop. The first 30 days you’ll have me and my team helping you stay on track and lose weight.

Lose Weight the No BS Way

The $59 workshop that sets you on track for a healthier you in just half a day

Why struggle with fad diets and unrealistic meal plans when there’s a simpler, more effective way to lose weight? Good news: it doesn’t involve cutting out all your favorite foods, unrealistic exercise schedules, or feeling hungry all the time.

This workshop is designed for anyone ready to lose weight without tons of wasted time and money. It’s for those who want to lose weight for good, real strategies that fit into busy lives, and a community that supports each other every step of the way.

The workshop includes:


Corinne Crabtree, top-rated podcaster, has helped millions of women lose weight blending commonsense methods with behavior-based psychology. After losing 100lbs and struggling with weight her entire life, she’s made it her mission to help as many women lose weight just like she did.

A woman in glasses sitting on a set of stairs.


I tried every diet, hoping this would be the one, only to end up falling off the wagon due to a bad day, feeling deprived, or being too hungry. But once I learned how to keep things simple instead of complicated, I lost the weight and have kept it off for over 15 years.

I created this workshop to change everything you thought you knew about losing weight.

I believe what you do to lose weight should be so simple you can do it the rest of your life. You shouldn’t have to feel anxious and overwhelmed losing weight. 

December 30


December 30



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